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400ml WD40 Maintenance spray
WD-40 lubricates moving parts such as hinges, wheels, rollers, chains, and gears. It protects agains..
400ml GT-85 Lubricant, Penetrator & water displacer
GT-85 is a non-sticky lubricant, an effective penetrator to free rusted or seized parts, a water dis..
400ml Tygris Cutting, Tapping, Drilling Spray R-214
Tygris R214 is a ready to use cutting and tapping fluid specially formulated to improve tool perform..
400ml Tygris Silicone Lubricant Spray R-217
Tygris R217 is a silicone lubricant which provides clean, low odour, non-staining lubrication for ma..
400ml Tygris Chain, Wire & Rope Lubricant Spray R-220
Tygris R220 is a heavy duty, molybdenum disulphide reinforced lubricant which penetrates deeply into..
400ml Tygris Galvanised Spray R-224
Tygris R224 is a bright zinc and aluminium powder based spray used for the cosmetic finishing and pr..
400ml Tygris Copper Anti-Seize Spray R-234
400ml Tygris Barrier Cream  Spray R-250
Tygris R250 is a high quality water based blend of skin-care ingredients used to protect hands from ..
400ml Red Oxide anti-rust primer RX-90
RX-90 Red oxide Anti rust primer spray is for use on clean bare metal or lightly rusted metal. RX-90..
400ml Rothenberger Contract Leak Detector Spray
Highly sensitive foaming spray for a quick and reliable locating of leaks. ..
Tygris 'one wipe' Industrial cleaning wipe
Tygris HW101 has been specifically developed for use by professionals in all trades. These large..
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